Building Bridges Grief Support Group

Jack Hayhurst, owner of Hayhurst Funeral home, proudly continues to offer "Building Bridges" Grief Management Support Group, a continuing one-hour session each month.  Classes are offered to the families that have been served through the funeral home, also community caregivers and the general public.  These classes deal with loss, pain, saying goodbye, and adjusting and reinvesting your life after the loss of a loved one.  Biblical and practical perspectives are taught to help the bereaved work through grief.  Taylor Hayhurst-Underwood is the facilitator.  There is no cost.  After each session, refreshments are served in the family lounge.  Call (918) 258-9623 for more information.  A class schedule can be found on our homepage under "Community Events."

Our Class Motto: "Hurting people... Helping hurting people"